Our Young People

Our Young People

Young people do not always make good decisions. In Berkshire County we need to find a balance between punishment and rehabilitation for our young people. The District Attorney must not automatically go for the harshest penalties possible for youthful offenders. Sending our young people to jail for a first offense practically ensures that they will lead a life of crime. As District Attorney, I will not give up on our young people so easily.

In Berkshire County we have many programs for young people in trouble. The District Attorney has a responsibility to weigh a youthful offender's potential to come away from the judicial system a better person, not worse for the experience. The District Attorney must be open to alternative sentencing that punishes offenders fairly and gives them a chance to redeem and improve themselves. This can be done through meaningful use of probation that requires rehabilitation, community service and programs that can help with hopelessness, restlessness, learning disabilities, drug addiction and other issues facing our young people today.

As District Attorney, I will create a safer Berkshire County by looking at each youthful offender case individually and determining what actions will best serve to punish and rehabilitate so we can help create lifelong productive members of the Berkshire community.


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