The most important job of the District Attorney's office is to keep our community safe. But community safety is not achieved by blindly seeking the maximum charge for every case. It is achieved by seeking justice.

Justice is achieved through a balanced approach to prosecution which is both strong and fair.

When justice is served, people don't just fear the law; they respect the law.

As District Attorney, I will work every day to make sure justice is served.

Crimes of violence will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law - homicide, assault and battery, crimes against children, women and the elderly.

Non-violent first time offenders, young people who have made bad life choices, and non-violent persons suffering from drug addiction should often be given punishment other than incarceration. Jail only makes it more likely that they will turn into hardened criminals. These people should receive probation, treatment, counseling - whatever it takes to get them on the right track.

Studies show that 97% of people sent to prison return to the community where they were arrested. So putting every offender in prison makes us less safe, not more. What makes us safe is the wisdom to make the right decisions for each situation. What makes us safe is justice.

As District Attorney I will create a safer Berkshire County by looking at each case individually and determining the best way to ensure our long-term safety by serving Justice.


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