Drug dealing and drug addiction are problems that affect all of Berkshire County. The District Attorney's office should focus its strongest efforts on large-scale, career drug dealers and bring them to justice. But addicts and young people who have made poor choices should not be thrown away like hardened criminals. They are our children and our neighbors -- they need and deserve our help. We must work as a community to stop the cycle of addiction and crime by rehabilitating those with drug problems into contributing members of society. Other counties have initiated successful diversion programs, and we too can draw upon our community resources to create a program of alternative sentencing and drug treatment for low-level, non-violent drug offenders.

Because many of the more serious drugs are brought into Berkshire County from elsewhere, the District Attorney should reach out to the neighboring District Attorneys' offices in Hampshire County, Hampden County and beyond. That way we can work together to stop the flow of drugs, apprehend the high-level dealers and bring them to justice.

As District Attorney, I will create a safer Berkshire County by seeking severe penalties for career drug dealers, treatment and counseling for non-violent addicts, and alternative sentencing for young people who deserve a second chance.


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