Violent Crime

Violent Crime

Violence will not be tolerated in our community. The best way to stop violent crime is swift prosecution and removal of violent criminals from society - putting them in jail. And we should never forget the importance of supporting victims and their families. But we must also stop crime from happening in the first place by developing programs like community watchdog networks that work hand in hand with law enforcement.

Resources in Berkshire County are limited. As District Attorney, I will focus our resources on prosecuting and incarcerating violent criminals. Prosecution of violent crimes must be the top priority, and these offenders must be the first to go to trial.

If a District Attorney shows no sense of judgment and prosecutes violent and non-violent criminals equally, our jails get filled with non-violent criminals - creating a situation where violent criminals are released to make space. This is unfortunately the situation we are in today. An effective District Attorney is one who takes the lead in ending the trend of filling our jails with non-violent offenders who can pay their debt to society in other ways.

As District Attorney, I will create a safer Berkshire County by making violent crime the top priority - using all the power of my office to bring violent criminals to justice, and seeking the highest penalties possible for convicted violent criminals.


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