Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

The people of Berkshire County deserve a District Attorney who is committed to balancing safety, justice and fiscal responsibility. I am more than capable of that level of commitment and I am well qualified to do the job.

I will be tough on violent crime.

Violent criminals need to be behind bars, period. And I know how to put them there. I was an Assistant District Attorney in Lowell, one of the toughest towns in Massachusetts, before I came home to Berkshire County. In Cambridge, I worked on the felony crimes unit prosecuting rapists, child abusers and other violent felons. I worked hard to put those people in prison, and I'll do the same here.

I will work to prevent crime before it happens.

Prosecuting criminals is only one part of the District Attorney's job. To have a meaningful impact on crime, steps must be taken to prevent crime before it happens. As your District Attorney I will reach out to parents, students, educators, clergy, health providers and business leaders. I will form crime prevention partnerships to make Berkshire County a safer place to live and raise our families.

I will make sure Justice is alive and well.

I will do my best to see that Justice is alive and well in Berkshire County. Every punishment needs to fit the crime. I am committed to seeking jail sentences for violent offenders. I am equally committed to implementing alternative consequences for first-time, non-violent offenders. Consequences will be used that allow those individuals to learn from their mistakes, make amends, get treatment when needed, and become productive citizens.

Judith Knight

I will be fiscally responsible.

Every part of the criminal justice system, the DA's staff, police, courts and jail - costs you money. A year in jail costs Massachusetts taxpayers more than $40,000 - as much as a year at an Ivy League college.

I will make sure that your tax dollars are used to put violent criminals, the ones who threaten the safety of our community, behind bars. Effective alternatives to jail can be used for many non-violent offenses to save you money. I feel a tremendous responsibility to spend your hard-earned tax dollars wisely.

I'm asking for your vote in the September 19th Democratic primary

Berkshire County deserves a District Attorney who is committed to balancing safety, justice and fiscal responsibility. I ask you to support me with your vote for District Attorney on September 19.

- Judith C. Knight


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